Gus the Gorilla:

As the title implies, Gus is the central figure of Gorilla in the Midst. Gus has come to live with a restless couple (Charles [Chuckles] and Hilda), in a suburban retirement condo complex out of kindness and Hilda’s need to make a difference in the world.

Gus is a thoughtful, often mischievous ape, whose mission is to have his kind recognized as equal to humans. Having said this, observations of human behaviour lead him to question why he ever wanted to be associated with such a crazy species. However, being a shrewd sort, he realizes that he has to live along side these maniacs, but he’s not going to make it easy on them, especially not on Chuckles and his paranoid pal Chester!

Of course, Gus has a soft side and has a tender relationship with his friend Hilda. He is also somewhat of a mentor to teenage Carl, often to the detriment of Carl’s social life.



Chuckles Mulligan:

Chuckles is a retired salesman, who just wants to live out his days quietly. He feels that his wife Hilda is doing everything she can to ruin his serenity, and he’s not half wrong. Chuckles is frustrated by his inability to understand what motivates Hilda. He can’t see that tending to his needs is not as fulfilling as he thinks it should be. Although he is baffled by Gus’ presence, he puts up with it for the most part, which is his most endearing quality to Hilda. Chuckles main weakness is his gullibility, which makes him susceptible to Chester’s wild theories and Hilda, Gus and Carl’s incessant mockery.




Hilda Mulligan:

Hilda is a devoted wife, who’s taken care of her husband many a long year – and now she feels it’s her turn to shine. When she’s not in her beloved garden, she still spends much of her day tending to the needs of Chuckles, though not always in the way that he wants!

Hilda has a strong need to change the world for the better, or at least to improve her small part of it. Her interest in humanitarian causes and animal rights activism, is a fairly new to her personality and is most evident in her giving a home to wayward gorilla Gus. Gus’ presence is a continual source of friction between herself and Chuckles, which usually results in Hilda getting the better of her husband.




Carl Dinkins:

Carl is the neighborhood science geek who lives across from the retirement complex. Hilda has been baby sitting Carl for many years and the two have developed a close relationship. The addition of Gus to the Mulligan household, has made it even more inviting for Carl, much to the chagrin of Chuckles.

Carl easily converts his sense of scientific awe into applications that are of great use to Gus and Hilda.


Chester Courgette:

Chester is Chuckles best friend and coffee shop-crony. Together the two of them imagine wild scenarios and hatch many a bizarre plan. Chester’s paranoid personality plays perfectly off of Chuckles credulous demeanor. Of course, Gus and Hilda are always there to foil their plans and ridicule the both of them, in the nicest way possible.