Hi loyal readers! Earlier in this series of comics, I mentioned that I had a prof in art school who essentially acted as an editor for these very comics. I mentioned that he was blatantly wrong about this comic. Well, there was an incident where it was a very good thing that he was there. If he hadn’t been, I’d hope someone would have caught it. The original answer to Hilda’s question “what’s that thing” was “My anti-gay gun,” which this ‘editor’ thought sounded like a gun to, well, kill gay people, which was absolutely NOT how I intended it. I certainly hope it comes off the way I intend it to in the revised version, which is that it’s a ray gun that keeps away some sort of essence of ‘gayness’ that might try to invade Chuckles’ and turn him gay. Of course reading this out of context of the rest of the story wouldn’t make any sense at all, but I do think it does (even though I don’t have an actual editor) if you read this series of comics right from the beginning. This is the 23rd of 24, so it might take you a while, but I’m sure you’ll have some laughs in the meantime! 🙂