Well Primate Posse™, we still don’t know exactly why Stan’s been booted out of the house by his wife, but maybe Hilda is gaining some insight! You gotta wonder if Stan didn’t learn enough the time his wife made him spend a day as a woman so that he’d know what it’s like. This story is told in Stan’s song To Be a Woman (as usual, click the link to listen). It’s hard to believe he’d submit to such humiliation, let alone write a song about it afterwards but, apparently ‘he’ did!

On another note, you may notice that this week’s strip doesn’t have colour. Well, you see, I was drawing a guest strip for the fabulous Vinnie the Vampire webcomic and when I was finished, I really thought it looked a lot better than GITM looks in black and white. It occurred to me that the reason was, at least partly, the use of a lot of solid black. This is reminiscent of Calvin and Hobbes, and I don’t need to tell you what an amazing looking comic that was! And VtV too, for that matter ;). So this week, as an experiment, I decided to add some solid black and lo and behold, I really liked the overall look of my inked comic. So I decided to post this week’s comic without the colour. What does everyone think? Is the colour vital to GITM? In many ways, I still prefer a daily comic to be in black and white since I’m a bit of a traditionalist. But anyway, please share your thoughts! And by the way, Tim Green, the creator of Vinnie the Vampire, tells me that my guest strip will appear this Wednesday! Mark your calendars! 🙂