I don’t have a Stan song to share with this strip, unless you’d like to go back and listen to To Be a Woman, which I mentioned in another post. But I thought I’d share with you a different song piece that is part of my contemporary art career that I keep alluding to. This piece is called the Contemporary Art Theme Song, and it is the first of my new series of works called “the Petition Works.” Please watch the video and then sign the petition to make my song (not a Stan song, by the way) the actual official theme song of contemporary art! I’m looking for 1 MILLION signatures so that I can take the song to – er – contemporary art to make it official! I’m well on my way as I already have SEVEN!!! 🙂 Anyway, the song and video are right on the frong page of my personal website simonite.com. (that’s right, my name is unusual enough that I own the .com!!!)

On another note, look for a second GITM comic on Wednesday and probably the same schedule for next week too. Gradually getting back into it after a fun summer of making other kinds of art! 🙂