Well, there ya go, Primate Posse™! Hilda found a way to get rid of Stan. Where will Stan go? I guess we won’t know, at least not for a while. One thing we can say for sure is that Stan must have a bad case of the Middle Aged Redneck Blues. Please click the link to hear the song of the same name! An English friend of mine described the solo in this song as a “ripping guitar solo!” So please check it out! It’s from “Stan’s” only blues album!

On another note, I’ve been trying to use the jQuery Audio Player plugin, but I cannot get it to work! Hopefully I’ll have it working when Stan returns, so that I can actually have the songs playing right in the post. But anyway, Stan will be back! In fact, I think he may be an official cast member now. Mind you, I really need more female characters… stay tuned! 🙂