Hey Primate Posse™! This comic refers to the James Randi Educational Foundation’s Million Dollar Challenge to anyone who can prove paranormal abilities. The psychic Sylvia Browne agreed to take the test back in 2001 and she never did (she died earlier this year, I believe). I guess she wasn’t that confident!

The test has been around since the ’60s and nobody has ever gotten close to winning it. If only the paranormal was real and I could tap into it! I could use the dough. Hmmmm, actually I was once told by a few of the “spiritual but not religious” people I know that if you ask the universe for something you’ll get it. (a bit like that horrible book “the Secret?”) So here goes Universe: SEND ME DOUGH! I mean MONEY. Not bread dough or something… Now I’ll await the windfall. And this way I don’t even have to prove anything to Randi! Though it would be cool to meet him. 🙂