Hi Primate Posse™ I’m back once again with a new GITM story line! The plan is to do at least one comic a week again as I am finally moved in to my new house in Winnipeg and have my studio in (mostly) working order! It took more than half a year to sell our condo in Ottawa, but I’m back in my hometown! Well, I guess Ottawa is kinda my ‘other hometown’, since I’ve had 2 stints of more than 5 years in that city.

On another note, I was thinking that I should put the full colour back in the strip, since my comics look SO much better in colour. But then I got to thinking, maybe I should work on trying to make the strip look good in black and white before I get back to the colour? Maybe that’s just an excuse because I really hate adding the colour, but it’s something to shoot for!