Hey Primate Posseā„¢, there will be no new comic this week. We lost our amazing cat Wellington unexpectedly last week and I didn’t do one. If you’ve ever read my bio you’ll know that he peed out of his belly. He had a bunch of surgeries when he was 4 and that’s what eventually happened to him. I’m so glad we spent that money on him because he got to live another 10 years plus a few months. But I was really hoping for at least another year or two because he was a very special cat who just seemed to love everyone and I really wanted him to help us break in our new house. We only moved in 3 months ago, so I guess that wasn’t meant to be. Needless to say I miss him a lot.

All this makes me wonder though, how do the syndicated tooners deal with this kind of thing? I guess they just have to push on and try to be funny. Needless to say I didn’t have to do that. I’ll be back next week.