Hey Primate Posse™, I had some technical difficulties, so this comic is very late! I think I’ll change the banner to “still being updated”. Anyway here is my first ever “fart” gag – never thought I’d do it, but sometimes you gotta just keep the story going and clichés are the bread and butter of the ‘toonist!

This comic was going to be a little late anyway because I had a booth recently at Winkler Comic Con, a small con in my sparsely populated province of Manitoba – the Siberia of Canada! Funny thing is, I’ve done 3 cons now, and I did not go to promote or sell anything related to this comic strip. Nope, it was to sell prints of my oil paintings. Like these ones. As you can see, some were specifically painted for the con market and others, like the bottom one are part of my regular art practice. I’ll post more! If you’re interested, I have prints of these and other paintings available for the low low price of $20.00.

I Want to Believe, 18″ x 27″, oil on paper, 2018.

Pet Portrait: Fox and Dana and Porgie, 18″ x 27″, oil on paper, 2018.

Envoy, oil on panel, 17 3/4″ x 24″, 2017.