In honour of Bug Pudding Day, I have done this single panel comic which sums up how I feel about the work of J.P. and Sara Keslensky. It’s the 10th anniversary of this great webcomic and I urge you to go and read it if you are unfamiliar with it!

But if you’ve been following GITM, you’ll definitely know of Bug Pudding. J.P. is a frequent commenter on this sight and is the most encouraging of all the cartoonists I have ‘virtually’ met since I started this. J.P. also somehow manages to come up with a great and witty comment for ever comic he comments on!

Honestly I may well have completely abandoned this comic if it weren’t for J.P., so thanks so much! And keep up the great work, J.P. and Sara!

I’ll be back soon with a new chapter of GITM! Stay tooned!