Back from Montreal again and nearing the end of this storyline. This comic refers to a very serious issue in Africa – the bushmeat trade. I’m sure we’re all aware that gorillas are endangered and one of the reasons, besides habitat loss, is illegal poaching. To get a little serious, I’m posting a link to an online petition at the I’m not a big believer in petitions, but they certainly can’t hurt! There is also lots and lots of information about this issue on the internet, so if you have time do some reading, maybe make a donation, sign a petition – whatever you think might help, I say go for it! Let’s help our cousins the gorillas (and the other great apes too!)

On another note, if I ever have any merch to sell on this site, I’m thinking of picking a great ape charity, (perhaps the Jane Goodall foundation – but there are lots of others) and donating a percentage of my profits! So spread the word about GITM! 🙂