Today I’m starting the 4th chapter of GITM. As you can see in the first of these strips, I will be having some special guest stars, including the illustrious Jerry Coyne. I have to admit that I debated about whether to use their actual names or call them something like Jerry Toyne, Richard Hawkins, and PZ Bryers. I really wasn’t sure if the caricatures did the three of them justice, but I decided to go with their real names anyway.

I was a little hesitant to use this strip as is, since there’s a bit of an inside to joke here for readers of Jerry Coyne’s website (he doesn’t like to call it a blog, so I’ll respect that). The site is called Why Evolution is True, and on it he talks about biology, his atheism and, well, cats. Having said that, I decided that even if you don’t know about his site, the gag in this strip was still amusing enough to use! So consider it a bit of a tribute to Coyne, who also wrote the excellent book not coincidentally titled, Why Evolution is True. I highly recommend the site and the book!