So I’m still here everyone! This storyline has taken some unexpected turns since I’ve been writing it by the seat of my pants, but I like where it’s going! But I am still planning to take a break from the strip as soon as this storyline ends. And that leads me to a question for my fellow cartoonists. Who has seen Stripped, the new documentary about comic strips? What did you guys think? Obviously it was incredibly cool that they managed to get an actual interview with Bill Watterson! Amazing!

But, what I’m wondering is: what do you all take away from the movie. I suspect a lot of us really like the idea of generating some kind of income from our strips, but can it be done? It’s interesting to note that most of the cartoonists who are making a living off their webcomics (at least the ones interviewed in the movie) seemed to have gotten in on the ground floor by starting their comics in the late 90s or early 2000s. Is it still possible to break through all of the noise and get a decent sized audience considering there are thousands of webcomics? My take: yes, it’s still possible, but the chances of breaking through are probably similar to your chances of getting picked up by a syndicate and making a living that way. In other words I’m pessimistic.

So that is why I’ve decided to put more effort into my contemporary art career, where I actually have been paid! Not a lot at this point, but some and right now I feel both the cartooning and the art are suffering from the fact the fact that I haven’t completely decided to dedicate my time to either. So as I say, I’ll finish this storyline and see what happens. Anyway, please leave your comments below! 🙂 At the same time, I may come back to the strip, because comic strips are my first love in art, and there is nothing wrong with doing a strip as a hobby. Stay tuned, folks! And I will start to put my art works on this site as soon as I have something interesting! See you all next week! 🙂