Hey Primate Posse™! I still haven’t managed to get caught up on my favourite comics and I owe a lot of thanks to whole bunch of people for their promo tweets, #FFs and RTs! So everyone who reads this please check out all the comics in my “Comics I like” list on the left side of the page. There are a few new faves that I should add also. Then I need to take my own advice and get caught up on those fab comics myself! But it may actually be a week or two before I do. Much of the problem has been bathroom renovations, unexpected trips, taking a week long class on expressive drawing and preparing to teach my own class “Humour in Art” at the Ottawa School of Art starting on September 15th. Ottawa readers take note and sign up!

Now I just hope I have time to actually make a comic for next week! Okay, I promise I will! 🙂

The Creator.