Hey Primate Posse™, so I guess today’s comic is a geography lesson. I decided to write this to dispel the myth that Winnipeg is the coldest major city (defined arbitrarily as a city of over 500,000 occupants) in the world (I’ve talked to many people here in town who believe this to be true). Some years ago a reporter at the Winnipeg Free Press did a little research into that topic and discovered that Winnipeg is the 7th coldest city by that definition. Cities such as Ulan Bator, Mongolia and Harbin, China are a couple of examples that are, on average, colder than Winnipeg. But that stat doesn’t include Yakutsk, which is actually the coldest city in the world! The thing is, its population is only around 300,000, but, I contend that it certainly IS a major city! So, anyway, all I have to say is… wait for it… SO THERE!

Oh, but it IS really windy here. So yeah, it’s pretty cold… Can’t wait for spring! 🙂