Hey Primate Posseā„¢, I have a question to direct at my fellow toonists. I’ve been inking with a Pentel brush pen – the kind that you refill with cartridges. I started using it after I lost my Windsor and Newton series 7 brush. Anyway, it’s been working quite well for me and I think I’m getting a fair bit better with it. But this comic was a disaster (please don’t even LOOK at those feet! – also I barely got this toon done for today). The pen started leaking out the side and then in the last panel, the ink started to bleed into the paper! You can actually see what I mean by the bleeding – I didn’t fix it in photoshop – probably should have, but I thought I’d let you all see it! It’s very strange. Btw, I use canson bristol board.

Any thought?