Happy Holidays, Primate Posse™! Every year since I started GITM I’ve been doing a satire of the ridiculous Fox News “War on Christmas”, but this year, I spent a whole lot of time creating a song and video for my ‘musical/comedy/performance art’ alter ego Stan Dickie, who as some of you know has appeared in this comic strip. So please watch this video in lieu of a comic!

and yes, that is actually me! Well, it’s Stan, but it’s me playing him.
You can read the Stan Dickie GITM story line starting right here.
He appears a few times after that and will (spoiler alert) be back soon!
Please see more at standickie.com/albums – you can check out the entire War on Christmas album (hint: all the other songs on it are fake – but I think they’re kinda funny).

Back soon to continue the “mansplaining” story line!