Well, Primate Posseβ„’, as I said in my last post, GITM will be going weekly for a little while at least. I’m not happy about it, but I have been very busy with my fledgling contemporary art career. I’ve mentioned the project that I’ve been involved which has involved back and forth trips between Ottawa and Montreal for the last 4 months or so culminating in a 3 and a half week stay (a sort of artist’s residency) in July and the beginning of August. The good news, is that the entire exhibition will be shown in Mexico City sometime next year and the stop-motion animation that we made (not including the rest of the exhibition, which also had individual works by all 6 artists involved) will possibly be shown in as many as 3 different US cities. Unconfirmed, but fingers crossed!

Having said all this, I have to admit that I feel kind of defeated by having to do this right now. I went to art school 7 years ago ostensibly to improve my drawing so I could really work on being a really good cartoonist. But I got distracted by, well, art. To make a long story short, I improved my drawing a lot, but not necessarily my cartooning. My cartoon illustration skills are better than they used to be, but GITM is far too sloppy for my liking. Having said that, maybe I should embrace that and even simplify it further. Maybe that would help me to increase my output.

The other thing is, the strip is now into the realm of full blown satire, which makes me think it might be interesting to try to do a political comic along the lines of what Matt Bors and Tom Tomorrow etc. do. But then again, there’s not really much of a market left for this kind of thing in North America, and I really believe that GITM is good comic, so I’ll likely stick with it and hopefully get back to 3 comics a week ASAP. Right now I have another animation project to complete ASAP, so I’ll keep you all informed! See you next Monday when you’ll learn a little more about the mysterious Stan Dickie… Stay tooned!