Well, my Primate Posse™, this strip brings to a close the Great Gargantuan Green Gorilla storyline. Even though it’s ended with the seeming death of this new religion, I think I may need to bring it back at some point, if only to make t-shirts! I mean, who wouldn’t want a Great Gargantuan Green Gorilla t-shirt? Or maybe one of those things people stick on their cars? Not sure How I’ll revive it, but revive it I will.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this storyline. I was a little afraid I would lose some readers over this (even though South Park has done much more blatant religious satire) but it seems I’ve retained most of the ‘posse’, so thanks for sticking around! And if PZ Myers, Richard Dawkins or Jerry Coyne happen to read this storyline, I hope I was overall respectful. Apologies to Dawkins for the jowls, I got a little carried away. 🙂 And also for the scatalogical humour. I couldn’t resist, and at least it was a good degree tamer than South Park!

I’ll be back Monday with a new storyline, but unfortunately, GITM will be going weekly for a while, with new comix on Mondays. 🙁 I’m not thrilled about it, but I’ll explain on Monday. Have a great weekend Primate Posse! 🙂